Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 5
March 24, 2014


A lot of people have made the mistake to think that BEAUTY is all about hair and makeup, that is what society i used to. Well allow me to give you my opinion and tell you that they are wrong!!!!!

Beauty is not only about hair and makeup, beauty is also about self respect and acceptance in the way you look, where you come from and where you are heading.
It is hard to go against what society is used to, but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
The misunderstanding of beauty,  from personal experiences are the ones that have gotten in the way of my "Cosmetic Journey" since I would always worry about what society thought and expected of me and never  focused about what I wanted for my self and my own expectations.
Just like society now a days I had the wrong misconception of beauty, in order for me to be consider beautiful I had to look like what our society has stereotyped as the "perfect looking female or male" or at  least I tried and truth is that it never worked, that was not who I am and it definitely  did not made me feel comfortable or better about my self, after all I am not society I am me, myself and I.

Accepting your self for who you are and the way you look, is true beauty, because not only are you acknowledging  how naturally beautiful you are but you are accepting your self for you and not what society wants you to be. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is important so that therefore you can feel comfortable with other things such as HAIR DONE, MAKEUP DONE so that you can rock it because regardless of what you have on, deep inside you know that at all times there is a beautiful person and that beautiful person is accepted by you.
Appearance was my biggest struggle like mentioned before and that is a huge mistake and obstacle I was putting in my journey, and one that many also place on their journey of reaching their dreams.

Once I stopped worrying about my appearance and how bad I used to think it was, things became easier and better little that I knew I was more BEAUTIFUL than what I thought I was and so I began to accept me, love me and appreciate who I really was inside out. That's when I knew I carried true BEAUTY within me and was now able to truly accept outside beauty through HAIR & MAKEUP.
We will never be satisfied with what we see in the mirror but the mirror, but the mirror will always feel satisfied to see such beauty reflecting on it and knowing that one day we will accept ourselves regardless of the image because no matter what we say that image is a TRUE BEAUTY!

Never forget where you come from....TO BE CONTINUED!

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