Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 1
March 20, 2014

(Part 1) -Hair

Just like everyone in the world i have a dream...unlike but like many  my dream consists of colors, glitters, hairsprays, pigments, creams, brushes, elastics etc. and everything you can think of when it comes to HAIR & MAKEUP.
For now its just a dream, a dream I've had ever since i was a little girl, ever since i was 7 years old  to be more precise. I never really liked  the way my mom would do my hair,  two ponytails on each side of my head  weren't making a statement, they were not showing the world who Dangne really was, after all you do not see a lot of Dangne's out there less yet Dangne's with two simple ponytails. Just like my name i wanted to make a statement and be more unique, either with my hair or makeup, which back then i couldn't wear as much makeup as i would of love to so it definitely had to be my hair. 
I made the decision to not wear two ponytails anymore instead i took it upon myself and tried and tried and tried to come up with unique ideas to make a statement with my hair. My very first hair do was simple now that i look at it but back then being only 7 and managing to make my hair looked the way it did i was for sure making heads turn once i walked by people.
 It was a Saturday afternoon and my family and I were going to an amusement park and from what i remember it was a beautiful warm day. So i wanted to feel fresh and still make my hair look "GOOD" therefore i decided to go with a half up-do. It was a high half ponytail wrapped around my own hair rather than an elastic with the ends spiked up to resemble feather in my hair, which by the way i had to cut some of my hair to make the "feathers" somewhat more realistic, with my bangs curled and the bottom half of my hair curled with no heat just handmade loose curls and the cutest peacock  hair clip of the side of my hair. As i walked out of my room my entire family looked at me surprised, not being able to believe that my mom had done something else to my hair than just two ponytails. Once they found out i was the one who did the hairstyle they were in even more shock then when they thought that my mom was the one who had created such "beautiful" hairstyle. They could not believe a 7 year old could do such things right there in there i discover my passion for cosmetology and knew right there and then that cosmetology was what i wanted to do once i became older to do so, and until this day i cannot wait until the day i began Cosmetology school and make my dream come even more true.

Part 2 (MAKEUP)-to be continued....

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