Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 3
March 22, 2014

Ever felt as if you were not good enough for something, or that you are too good? Well let me just tell you both feelings are not good at all, either for your personal or external success. 
In order for you to succeed within yourself and what your doing, you have got to have self confidence even if you feel as if it's impossible, just like when you pretend to smile and be happy but reality is that everything is wrong and eventually that fake smile seems to little by little change it all. Do the same with your confidence even if you do not have it pretend that you do and eventually you will no longer have to pretend because out of the blue one day you will become extremely confident in yourself. Once you start believing in your self others will  do too because your are transmitting trust, therefore they will have trust in you and see the amazing talent that you have.
 Once you have become that great confident person that believes that they can do anything and everything they want, make sure that you also learn to be humble and not allow it to become a negative thing and go all the way up to your head! Yes, learn to recognize your talent but also learn that being humble makes you even better and makes people feel more comfortable around you, so that whatever talent or job you have or whatever is it that you do people trust, think, believe that you are capable of many great things and have trust in you. Sometimes people become arrogant and not the nice's person to be around once they have become trustworthy because they believe they are the best the one and only and it should not be like that, recognizing that you are good but that there are others that are also good and some that are becoming good makes you simply GREAT, AMAZING, TRUSTWORTHY! Do not brag or feel more than others people do not like that, a down to earth, humble, confident, trustworthy, and hard working person is way more likely  to succeed within him or her and in society. 
Always, stay positive, be confident and be humble therefore prove others wrong! There is always going to be people who will want to see you succeed and also people that want to see you fail. Ignore the negativity and stay focused in your goal, in the journey of making your dreams come true. Be kind to those who try to bring down regardless of what they do and little by little they will recognize the amazing true you and you will prove them and everyone who put you down wrong. Expect the Unexpected and that will make easier things for you, give people the benefit of the doubt and once your complete your task give them the opportunity to see for themselves how amazing your are. 

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