Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 5
March 24, 2014


A lot of people have made the mistake to think that BEAUTY is all about hair and makeup, that is what society i used to. Well allow me to give you my opinion and tell you that they are wrong!!!!!

Beauty is not only about hair and makeup, beauty is also about self respect and acceptance in the way you look, where you come from and where you are heading.
It is hard to go against what society is used to, but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
The misunderstanding of beauty,  from personal experiences are the ones that have gotten in the way of my "Cosmetic Journey" since I would always worry about what society thought and expected of me and never  focused about what I wanted for my self and my own expectations.
Just like society now a days I had the wrong misconception of beauty, in order for me to be consider beautiful I had to look like what our society has stereotyped as the "perfect looking female or male" or at  least I tried and truth is that it never worked, that was not who I am and it definitely  did not made me feel comfortable or better about my self, after all I am not society I am me, myself and I.

Accepting your self for who you are and the way you look, is true beauty, because not only are you acknowledging  how naturally beautiful you are but you are accepting your self for you and not what society wants you to be. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is important so that therefore you can feel comfortable with other things such as HAIR DONE, MAKEUP DONE so that you can rock it because regardless of what you have on, deep inside you know that at all times there is a beautiful person and that beautiful person is accepted by you.
Appearance was my biggest struggle like mentioned before and that is a huge mistake and obstacle I was putting in my journey, and one that many also place on their journey of reaching their dreams.

Once I stopped worrying about my appearance and how bad I used to think it was, things became easier and better little that I knew I was more BEAUTIFUL than what I thought I was and so I began to accept me, love me and appreciate who I really was inside out. That's when I knew I carried true BEAUTY within me and was now able to truly accept outside beauty through HAIR & MAKEUP.
We will never be satisfied with what we see in the mirror but the mirror, but the mirror will always feel satisfied to see such beauty reflecting on it and knowing that one day we will accept ourselves regardless of the image because no matter what we say that image is a TRUE BEAUTY!

Never forget where you come from....TO BE CONTINUED!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 4
March 23, 2014


Well today i have a small blog for you guys or actually the link to the video,  in which i show you my skin care routine so just click on the link below and make sure you thumbs it up it you liked and please SHARE IT with your friends...
Comment for ideas on new videos and questions you might want to ask me so the i do an ABOUT ME Q&A video... 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 3
March 22, 2014

Ever felt as if you were not good enough for something, or that you are too good? Well let me just tell you both feelings are not good at all, either for your personal or external success. 
In order for you to succeed within yourself and what your doing, you have got to have self confidence even if you feel as if it's impossible, just like when you pretend to smile and be happy but reality is that everything is wrong and eventually that fake smile seems to little by little change it all. Do the same with your confidence even if you do not have it pretend that you do and eventually you will no longer have to pretend because out of the blue one day you will become extremely confident in yourself. Once you start believing in your self others will  do too because your are transmitting trust, therefore they will have trust in you and see the amazing talent that you have.
 Once you have become that great confident person that believes that they can do anything and everything they want, make sure that you also learn to be humble and not allow it to become a negative thing and go all the way up to your head! Yes, learn to recognize your talent but also learn that being humble makes you even better and makes people feel more comfortable around you, so that whatever talent or job you have or whatever is it that you do people trust, think, believe that you are capable of many great things and have trust in you. Sometimes people become arrogant and not the nice's person to be around once they have become trustworthy because they believe they are the best the one and only and it should not be like that, recognizing that you are good but that there are others that are also good and some that are becoming good makes you simply GREAT, AMAZING, TRUSTWORTHY! Do not brag or feel more than others people do not like that, a down to earth, humble, confident, trustworthy, and hard working person is way more likely  to succeed within him or her and in society. 
Always, stay positive, be confident and be humble therefore prove others wrong! There is always going to be people who will want to see you succeed and also people that want to see you fail. Ignore the negativity and stay focused in your goal, in the journey of making your dreams come true. Be kind to those who try to bring down regardless of what they do and little by little they will recognize the amazing true you and you will prove them and everyone who put you down wrong. Expect the Unexpected and that will make easier things for you, give people the benefit of the doubt and once your complete your task give them the opportunity to see for themselves how amazing your are. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 2
March 21, 2014
 ( Part 2 ) -Makeup

M: Making the impossible possible in order to reach my dream
A: Await for a better future in which you am successful
K: Kindness towards all obstacles and negativity 
E: Enable your self to go above and beyond your own expectations
U: Upon hard works comes achievement and success
P:  Plentiful of hope, hard work and positiveness towards all situation

Not only do I love "MAKEUP meaning the makeup that I apply on myself and others but i extensively love the acronym "MAKEUP" since it basically makes up my life through out the years it simply became my motto. Growing up people make you believe that there are things in life that are impossible to achieve, gladly that's not true! Absolutely everything in this world is possible regardless of what it is better yet making your dreams come true is now more possible than a hot sun shining day during the summer. As long as you stay focus, work hard, have a lot of hope and stay positive achieving your dreams seems like a pieces of cake but only if you set your mind to it. 

Throughout my entire life I loved makeup and  for sure I still do, each day more! Mom always tells anecdotes about me "destroying" her makeup when I was a little girl, since I would apply it all over my face in a rough manner, mixing all of her products to the point where she could no longer use them because one hue became the entire rainbow and lets just say it was not the prettiest rainbow. I did my hair for the first time when i was 7 but when it comes to makeup I have loved it my entire life and although at 7 I could not wear makeup, I did started practicing on friends and family and taught my self everything that i could about makeup and that I now know. As any  mother my did not allow me wear makeup because she believed i was to young and as the child i wanted to do as i wished and so i started getting away with it little by little. From a little lip gloss to eye shadow and mascara of course I did not do this often but every chance I had i did do it and each time I loved it more and more. As I got older she realized that this was what i wanted not only hair styling but also Makeup and once i turned 13 i started wearing more and more each time until i accomplished the full effect makeup in a variety of styles, all the way from a natural look to a dramatic smokey eye. In school my friends would see me and showered me with lovely compliments on how good they believed I was doing this and big talent i had on hair and makeup. As the months went on i stared doing makeup on more people and all fell in love with it and on myself too, coming to ultimate realization at the age of 15  that this was my eternal dream to be a successful Cosmetologist in both hair and makeup and wanted to start as soon as possible, but in order for my career to start i first have to finish High School, which by the way I am so close to doing :) So my career was chosen and i strongly believe i will work extremely hard to achieve my dream and to do this the rest of my life, to put smiles on people when i make go from Beautiful to BEYOND BEAUTIFUL! With the amazing talent that i proudly was born with. Nothing  in this world can make me change my mind in what i want to do in my future,  the rush in my blood i get when i see makeup is indescribable just as seeing and working with  hair is like paradise to me . HAIR & MAKEUP are simple my little piece of HEAVEN <3

M: Making the impossible possible in order to reach my dream
A: Await for a better future in which you am successful
K: Kindness towards all obstacles and negativity 
E: Enable your self to go above and beyond your own expectations
U: Upon hard works comes achievement and success
P:  Plentiful of hope, hard work and positiveness towards all situation


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 1
March 20, 2014

(Part 1) -Hair

Just like everyone in the world i have a dream...unlike but like many  my dream consists of colors, glitters, hairsprays, pigments, creams, brushes, elastics etc. and everything you can think of when it comes to HAIR & MAKEUP.
For now its just a dream, a dream I've had ever since i was a little girl, ever since i was 7 years old  to be more precise. I never really liked  the way my mom would do my hair,  two ponytails on each side of my head  weren't making a statement, they were not showing the world who Dangne really was, after all you do not see a lot of Dangne's out there less yet Dangne's with two simple ponytails. Just like my name i wanted to make a statement and be more unique, either with my hair or makeup, which back then i couldn't wear as much makeup as i would of love to so it definitely had to be my hair. 
I made the decision to not wear two ponytails anymore instead i took it upon myself and tried and tried and tried to come up with unique ideas to make a statement with my hair. My very first hair do was simple now that i look at it but back then being only 7 and managing to make my hair looked the way it did i was for sure making heads turn once i walked by people.
 It was a Saturday afternoon and my family and I were going to an amusement park and from what i remember it was a beautiful warm day. So i wanted to feel fresh and still make my hair look "GOOD" therefore i decided to go with a half up-do. It was a high half ponytail wrapped around my own hair rather than an elastic with the ends spiked up to resemble feather in my hair, which by the way i had to cut some of my hair to make the "feathers" somewhat more realistic, with my bangs curled and the bottom half of my hair curled with no heat just handmade loose curls and the cutest peacock  hair clip of the side of my hair. As i walked out of my room my entire family looked at me surprised, not being able to believe that my mom had done something else to my hair than just two ponytails. Once they found out i was the one who did the hairstyle they were in even more shock then when they thought that my mom was the one who had created such "beautiful" hairstyle. They could not believe a 7 year old could do such things right there in there i discover my passion for cosmetology and knew right there and then that cosmetology was what i wanted to do once i became older to do so, and until this day i cannot wait until the day i began Cosmetology school and make my dream come even more true.

Part 2 (MAKEUP)-to be continued....